JohnRofls Standup - May 2012 (clip)

Drink in hand, JohnRofls is ready to rip a new one in the education system.

In another 7 plus minutes of raw JohnRofls stand-up footage, truth bombs get dropped. Censorship gets put on the back burner as JohnRofls explains exactly why the education system in our country is the way it is. A lot of laughs at the expense of education, flightless birds, and Andy Dick. Enjoy the May stand-up special!

New Online Comedy Series


I will begin production of my new internet series, "A Day in the Life of a Troll," beginning in May. The series will follow the exploits of an agoraphobic internet troll as his life spirals out of control.

Information about casting for support roles will be posted as it becomes available. Auditions will be private, by invitation only. If you, or someone you know would be interested in auditioning for a support role please send me a message on facebook. Interested participants must be in the San Antonio area and free to film two days a week this summer. My facebook page can be viewed by visting

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JohnRofls Standup - April 2012 (clip)

This is a thumbnail of JohnRofls April 2012 comedy performance.

This is the Second JohnRofls Standup Video. This unedited raw comedy performance shows the full potential of comedian JohnRofls. This video is laugh out loud funny. A full 11 minutes performance. Check it out now! Warning there is sharp language and references to alcohol. Viewer discretion is advised.

JohnRofls Standup - March 2012 (clip)

This is a thumbnail image from the video clip of JohnRofls performing stand-up

Watch JohnRofls first stand up comedy routine here for free. It may be less than four minutes, but sometimes quality is better than quantity. Don't forget to check the April routine out for a longer routine. As always, JohnRofls is laugh out loud funny. It's got some less than clean language so viewer beware.

Welcome to the Site


I created this separate site for JohnRofls that way I could separate my upcoming video blog and biographical information from the RoflSpace site. I intend to further develop RoflSpace and expand the artists that are portrayed on RoflSpace beyond just JohnRofls.

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